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Jordan Lawn Mowing is proud to be a top expert in providing hedge trimming and pruning services in Surrey and Langley.

Our experienced crew provides worry-free maintenance for hedges, shrubs, and trees of all sizes, ensuring your project is done safely and to your satisfaction. By using a proactive maintenance strategy, we can prevent overgrown plants that can be unsightly and dangerous, and avoid the need for long-term removal.

Are you looking for hedge trimming or tree services for commercial or strata properties in Surrey? Then contact us today.

Trimming hedges regularly has several benefits, including promoting healthy growth and maintaining their beauty.

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If you’re in Surrey, consider using hedges in your yard to enhance its privacy and appearance. Hedges can add an attractive element to your landscaping and increase your property’s value, whether you’re creating a new yard or updating an existing one.

Maintaining and caring for hedges can be challenging. If neglected for just a couple of years, they can become unsightly and require serious trimming. It’s important to remove infected limbs to prevent the spread of disease, and to allow enough light to reach the core to prevent it from dying.

When Should You Trim And Prune Your Hedges?

Like any other plants, hedges also need regular maintenance to maintain their healthy and lush appearance. This involves pruning to shape them and trimming to prevent them from growing too much.

Since hedges are typically composed of various types of trees and shrubs, it’s natural that their pruning schedules differ. Just like with trees, there is also an ideal time to trim your hedges.

The best time to perform maintenance hedge trimming

Maintenance trimming involves cutting back overgrown branches of hedges or shrubs to tidy them up. This is different from pruning, which is done for the health of the hedge or the safety of its surroundings, while trimming is primarily for aesthetic purposes.

However, too much growth can also harm your hedge by decreasing the amount of light and moisture it gets, which can stunt its growth. This is why trimming is equally important to pruning.

Hedges need to be trimmed once a year if they are informal and twice if they are formal. However, certain hedges may require three trims per year. The best time to trim your hedges is somewhere between spring and summer.

From March to August, birds may be nesting in your hedges. Therefore, before trimming the hedges, it is important to check for any nesting activity and consider delaying the maintenance until after the nesting season is over.

When to prune your hedges to stimulate growth

To shape a newly planted hedge, formative pruning should be done for the first two to three years either in winter or early spring. The frequency of regular yearly pruning, on the other hand, depends on the type of hedge you have.

Pruning hedges involve removing dead or dying branches to protect surrounding plants and people from harm. This action also promotes flowering and fruit growth in the hedge. Pruning is not aimed at slowing down hedge growth, but rather at stimulating it. Our gardeners may also prune hedges to eliminate diseased or pest-infested branches.

Hedge Trimming in Surrey!

Regular hedge trimming is necessary to keep your hedges healthy and looking good. If left untrimmed, hedges can turn brown or yellow, lose their shape, and become uneven. Overgrown hedges can take multiple trimmings and years to regain their shape.

To maintain the health and protection of your new hedge, it is recommended to have it trimmed once or twice a year. Whether you choose to perform the task yourself or hire Jordan Lawn Mowing, it’s important to keep up with the maintenance to avoid any complications.

At Jordan Lawn Mowing Surrey, we understand that modern schedules can be too hectic to handle even simple chores like lawn maintenance. That’s why we’re here to assist you in achieving a beautiful lawn and garden using our top-of-the-line equipment and expertise.

You can contact us for assistance or suggestions. We can also provide you with a free quote for hedge trimming or another gardening, lawn care, or landscaping services at your residence.

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