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Create the Look and Curb Appeal You Want for Your Lawn

The neat and tidy appearance of a healthy, lush green lawn with evenly cut lines after being freshly mowed, can catch the attention of homeowners and even people passing by. It signifies the hard work put into maintaining the lawn.

What Do Our Lawn Care Services Include?

Lawn mowing – To ensure your turf receives the best care, we recommend scheduling regular service appointments with us. You can easily book your lawn mowing appointments and choose between weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on the season.

Edging and borders – Our gardeners can trim the edges of your lawn or shape it to fit other garden features. They can also install decorative borders if you’d like.

Lawn aeration – You should perform this lawn maintenance procedure during the spring and early autumn seasons. This will help to enhance the air and water flow towards the roots of the grass. Additionally, you can opt to combine this service with lawn feeding or top-dressing.

Overseeding – Overseeding is a process that can improve the health of your lawn by addressing patchiness and preventing thatch build-up.

Top-dressing – Topdressing is a process that involves spreading a mixture of topsoil and sand on the lawn area. It is typically done after aeration or overseeding to help speed up the recovery of the lawn.

Fertilizing – We can recommend the appropriate fertilizer for your lawn based on factors such as the type of grass, seasonal conditions in your area, and the amount of sunlight and shade the lawn receives.

Why Use Professional Lawn Mowing And Maintenance?

If you leave your lawn uncut for a week or ten days, you’ll likely have excessive growth, particularly in the Spring and early summer. Heavy and thick grass can put more pressure on the mower which causes it to cut unevenly and leave patches. Additionally, the grass can become too heavy that it presses down underneath the blades and makes it challenging to cut.

Unless your lawn mower is operated by a professional, mowing it twice won’t improve its appearance if it is uneven. To achieve a well-maintained lawn, several visits may be necessary, especially since grass grows rapidly in Fraser Valley.

Regularly mowing your lawn is not only aesthetically pleasing but also crucial for maintaining its overall health, particularly in Vancouver due to its long growing season. An unkempt lawn not only appears unattractive but could also indicate poor lawn health.

If you contact Jordan Lawn Mowing Surrey, it’s probably for a lawn mowing service that we refer to as “mow reg” or regular mowing. However, don’t be misled, our “mow regs” are not a routine service.

Not all lawn mowing services are consistent, and it’s easy to assume that they are. However, Jordan Lawn Mowing in Surrey provides a higher level of attention to detail that sets them apart from other companies.

What Are The Reasons For Regularly Mowing Your Lawn?

Keeping our lawns well-maintained is important for aesthetic reasons. We take pride in our lawns and want to admire the beauty of an evenly cut lawn, with crisp edges and freshly laid stripes. Regular lawn mowing helps ensure that our property looks clean and tidy, making it more welcoming to guests.

Regular maintenance is vital to prevent uneven and inconsistent growth of your grass. Delayed care can cause some areas to grow stronger and faster, while others may become sparse and thin. In Surrey and Langley, pests and diseases can quickly damage an unmowed lawn, so it is crucial to maintain it regularly.

Furthermore, if you allow your lawn to become excessively overgrown, it will require more time, incur more costs, and may necessitate multiple visits before achieving a professionally manicured appearance.

Hire A Lawn Care Service In Surrey

Mowing your lawn regularly and ensuring it is evenly cut can help maintain a balanced distribution of sunlight, water, and nutrients. This promotes equal and healthy growth across your entire lawn.

Regularly mowing your lawn in Surrey can help remove debris like dead plants and leaves, and also provide nutrients through the mulch left by the mower, even with a bag.

Regularly mowing your lawn not only enhances its appearance and feel but also boosts its overall health, strength, and balance, ensuring that it stays aesthetically pleasing.

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